bbin体育官方网站儿童中心为3个月至5岁的儿童提供早期儿童护理和教育. 儿童中心是由加州社会服务部授权的.
我们对基督教价值观的基本承诺深深植根于我们为儿童提供培育环境的使命. We support a community of students, 工作人员, 爱上帝,并通过热情和卓越的事奉来反映他的性格的父母.

We strive to maintain a safe and loving environment with the 物理, 社会, 精神上的, 情感, and 知识 development of young children in mind. 我们的老师关心并致力于帮助您的孩子发展基本技能. We focus on developmental milestones, 学习风格, and educational needs to help ensure that each child receives 手s-on, 一对一的关注.


25228谢帕森博士. 洛马琳达,CA 92354

项目负责人: 马里亚纳Mitroi

电话: (909) 796-0161 ext. 4000
电子邮件: llacc@htmlask.com

License, Facility Numbers
婴儿中心: 360908231
日托中心: 360908232

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星期一至星期四: 上午六时三十分至下午六时
星期五: 上午6点半至下午4点半
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March 5—LLA 小学


  • 浓缩类

    • 音乐
    • 体育
    • 烹饪
    • Interactive Literature
    • 食物
    We offer a range of vegetarian snacks that are prepared fresh daily. We also offer a vegetarian hot lunch program. Lunch tickets are available in the front office for purchase.
  • 在户外

    Playing outside is an important p艺术 of childhood development. 我们的户外空间不仅有助于支持孩子们在教室里学习, but it also is a great place to play! In addition to our 操场上的设备, we have an outdoor chapel area, spaces for sensory experiences with sand and water, 花园的盒子, and even some barnyard animals.
  • 活动

    We have several fun activities throughout the year. Some activities include:
    • 泰迪熊野餐
    • Jumpst艺术 Read Across America
    • 艺术展
    • 祖父母节
  • 我如何申请?

    我们现在已经满了. 但是,如果您想进入我们的等候名单,请下载下面的等候名单表格.
  • Do we need to be Seventh-day Adventist to attend?

    No! 我们欢迎所有有宗教或无宗教传统的家庭,努力创造一个安全的学习空间. We encourage students to make good moral decisions. 基督教信仰和价值观以积极的方式呈现在所有班级和活动中.
  • 你有执照吗?

    是的! We are licensed by the State of California Dep艺术ment of Social Services.
If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, you can print the 轮候册表格 and bring it to 洛马林达学院 儿童中心.



  • 我们的课程

    Creation Kids is a faith-based curriculum for our older 三个s through Pre-K. 这个综合, 自包含的, digital curriculum promotes the development of the whole child—head, 手, 和心脏. 它为每天的活动提供了一个框架,通过日复一日地遵循一致的常规来支持孩子们的安全和独立. 它给孩子们做选择和冒险所需要的安全感, which opens the door to exciting learning opportunities. We supplement this curriculum with HighScope and Zoo-Phonics as well.

    LLACC also uses the HighScope Program. The HighScope Curriculum emphasizes adult-child interaction, a carefully designed learning environment, 以及一个加强儿童和年轻人主动性和自力更生的计划-执行-审查程序. 教师和学生是塑造教育体验的积极伙伴. 高范围课程整合了儿童和青少年发展的各个方面. Using research-validated strategies, 这种方法增强了每个年轻人在学术基础和社会情感方面的成长, 物理, 以及创意领域.

    婴幼儿课程是建立在孩子通过直接学习最好的原则之上的, 手s-on experiences with people, 对象, 事件, 和想法. During this active learning process, 我们鼓励婴幼儿通过探索和玩耍来发现周围的世界. Learning and development are anchored by long-term, trusting relationships with caregivers, who are close at 手 to support the children as they play. 成年人整天与孩子们互动,有助于他们进一步学习. 在HighScope婴幼儿设置的空间和材料的安排,以促进在一个保险箱内的主动学习, 舒适的, and secure environment. 每个中心都被划分为围绕特定类型的游戏和护理组织的区域, such as small toy area, 本区域, 运动区域, 艺术区, and spaces for diapering, 餐, 和午睡. 这些区域位于房间的周围,中间的空间用于大肌肉运动. HighScope老师通过规划可预测但灵活的日常生活,给孩子一种对每天事件的控制感. 日常活动包括到达和离开,选择时间,团队时间,用餐和外出时间. These common daily 事件 are scheduled to accommodate the eating, 睡觉, and bodily care cycles of each infant or toddler. 婴儿-学步儿童观察记录(COR)使护理人员和管理人员能够评估每个孩子的进步,并计划鼓励进一步学习的教育经历. This assessment is designed to coordinate with the HighScope Preschool COR. In cases where programs serve a mixed age group, both instruments are used.

    In HighScope's vision of preschool education, children are doers and problem solvers, 成年人是分享孩子的发现并温柔地指导他们学习的伙伴. 高范围学前课程围绕58个发展里程碑建立,称为关键发展指标(KDIs),在8个课程内容领域,与州和专业标准紧密一致. The KDIs define what we teach; the hows are provided by our teaching practices for the classroom learning environment, 日常生活, and adult-child interaction. 教师通过精心规划的物理环境和一致的日常生活为学习奠定基础. Within this structure, children are secure and self-reliant learners. The centerpiece of the day is HighScope's unique plan-do-review process, 每个孩子每天都有机会制定和执行计划,然后反思所发生的事情. 这个过程加强了孩子的执行功能——他们调节和组织自己的能力,这样他们就可以专注于他们选择做的事情,解决出现的问题.

    • 动物拼读法先用小写字母表示动物的形状,然后再教实际的字母,便于记忆
    • 动物语音法通过动物名字来教授字母的发音(如Allie Alligator中的“a”, 等.), and letter sounds are taught before letter names.
    • Zoo-phonics teaches lowercase letters before capital letters. After all, reading materials are written 95% of the time in lowercase letters.
  • 我们的设施

    We are pleased to provide the following to our program.
    • Classrooms are fitted with: an aquarium, 艺术表, 公告板, 改变表, 圆时间区域, 计算机站, 柜子建立, 吃饭的地方, 学习中心, 教具, potty training facilities, 阅读中心, 科学桌.
    • Outdoor play areas are equipped with: fall zone material, 操场上的设备, 野餐桌, 沙盒, 还有花园区域.
    • 我们有各种各样的动物,包括兔子、鸡、鹅、乌龟和鱼.
  • 我们的节目

    该计划强调满足3个月至24个月儿童的需求. Nurturing, loving, stimulating, and responsible care is provided. The 工作人员 works with the parents to develop an optimum schedule for the child. Toys and materials are provided to challenge, 促进发现, 开启探索, and bring about the development of new skills. A 1:4 teacher-child ratio makes careful observation and ch艺术ing possible.

    对学龄前儿童, ages 2 through 4 years old, 该计划强调适合年龄的活动和经验,将提高精神, 物理, 情感, 知识, 社会发展. We strive to help each child develop a healthy self-concept. Every child's creativity and individuality are encouraged and respected. The classrooms are 工作人员ed with a 1:8 teacher-child ratio, making teaching within quality care possible.

    虽然没有完美的公式来决定孩子何时真正准备好上幼儿园, here is a checklist to see how many skills your child will work towards mastering in our pre-k room: count to ten; cut with scissors; trace basic shapes; speak understandably; identify some alphabet letters; recognize rhyming sounds; listen to stories without interrupting; button shirts, 裤子, coats and zip up zippers; sort similar 对象 by color, size and shape; look at pictures and then tell stories; understand actions have both causes and effects; and recognize groups of one, 两个, 三个, 四个, 还有五个物体. The pre-k teachers want to encourage children to be independent, 有能力, and have an eagerness to learn. This room has a 1:12 teacher-child ratio.

    The daily schedule begins with worship, followed by indoor and outdoor playtime, teacher-directed learning, 艺术, 音乐, 学习中心, creative experiences and story times. Each room develops its own curriculum based on the child's individual needs.

    We are excited to offer our athletic program available to children 2-4 yrs. 孩子们在一个非竞争性的环境中接受几项流行运动的指导. They learn the importance of practice and preparation. They also learn lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, patience, and perseverance.

    All snacks and 餐 served are vegetarian. 我们提供热午餐计划,额外收费,由当地厨师每天新鲜准备. The children enjoy a healthy variety of lunch items.

    • Tadpoles: 3 - 12 Months
    • Bunny/Lamb: 12 - 24 Months
    • 小猫/鸭子:2岁
    • 小狗/小马:3岁
    • 熊猫:3.6 - 4年以上
    • Koala/Monkey: 4 Years by Sept. (情)
任务.   这是使命 of
洛马林达学院 对于所有人:
 • Thrive Intellectually
 • Develop True Friendships
 • Embrace Healthful Living